What It Takes to Just Be Yourself and Best Ways to Do It


BE YOURSELF!!! Sounds amazing, isn’t?

But what does that mean!

Some people are fearful of being around others and like to live for themselves and don’t want to interact with others, they actually try to avoid people around them, do you think its ok to live hermit-like life?

According to me the person who doesn’t socialize with others are not being themselves, they feel afraid of people around them and they are not able to be themselves and live a happy and confident life.

Our true self-reflects when we let go all our past stories, labels, judgments. Our true self and happiness are when people start to accept us as we are without the mask and pretentiousness.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the ways to be yourself and to come out of the cocoon which you have made around you by not being around others. “HOW TO BE YOURSELF”.

1. Feel the child inside you.

If you have ever watched a small child carefully while he is playing, you will notice that small children do not notice anyone around them when they play, children feel happy with themselves while playing without the fear of, who is watching us, how are we dressed, how are we looking and so much more.

This fearless nature of kids make them really cute and this shows there true nature. Children do care about what others are thinking about them, they don’t care whether they are looking silly while dancing or not, all they are concerned with is they enjoy, their happiness.

The pureness of nature is reflected in kids. playing, having fun, enjoying, laughing, dancing, jumping is all they are happy with.

But what we as an adult do, we first think about what others will be thinking about us before we do something that will actually be beneficial to us. we start to compare ourselves with others, we want to live life like someone who is living much more better life than us, we actually forget about ourselves just because we start to pretend our self by copying others.

The first thing to be yourself is feeling you, feel the inner child in you,  feel what you need, be like a child, laugh, play, enjoy, dance, feel free, and try to understand what you need from the life. Achieving some goal required positive energy and a positive energy comes from a positive attitude towards life, and positive feelings come when you try to feel happy by not comparing yourself with others and try to live the moment you are in.

Once you are positive towards life by understanding the inner child in your you will be happier than ever and you will feel the real you in yourself.

2. Clear thoughts.

Try to observe your mind and your thoughts. Every day in the early morning sit quietly with your eyes closed and try to relax, you will observe that you have so many thoughts in your mind that will come and go.

Try to think to remove all the negative thinking and start your day with a positive attitude towards your goal. Let the negative feelings be removed from your mind and you will feel more energetic towards achieving your goal in your own way. which will evolve the person inside you.

And with this type of positive behavior, you will be able to explore more of your inner hidden talents which you have been suppressing by not understanding yourself and just because you wanted you to be like someone else. Learn to love yourself. Nurture your inner child with positive energy and the ultimate result will be beautiful.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Intuition.

The most important factor is your intuition. If you will not follow your intuition you will not be able to feel your inner thoughts, you will not be able to follow your heart.

Always staying at home, ignoring to urge to explore the beauty around us, working heartedly in a job which you don’t like. The initiative to change your circumstances will be only when you will start to listen to your inner self. And try to step out of your comfort zone in which you were incredibly unhappy.

once you start following yourself you will gradually start feeling happy about yourself. It doesn’t mean you will never feel or will never face any tough situation but this way you will learn how to deal with all the circumstances which you will face in your life and your positive attitude will steer you in the best possible direction.

These mentioned points will help you just be yourself because it helps you in alignment with your nature. Your authentic self is the real you.

“Love and accept yourself”

Post Author: Deepali

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