Meditation for Beginners


Meditation for Beginners

The meaning of the word meditation is focused state of mind with discipline.
The word Medri means to “heal”, therefore meditation is to heal the state of mind, hurt, ego and trying to understand the problem and understand oneself.

Meditation sets two basic goals.

1. Spiritual renewal
2. Search for the truth of life

In this article, I am going to provide you some simple ways to start meditation for beginners.

Meditation requires deep focus and lots of practice. As a beginner, don’t expect to be good at the first attempt, Meditation needs practice.

The steps discuss will help you in achieving the proper way of meditating.

  1. Sit for at least 5 minutes – Set in a peaceful, silent place where you can sit calmly for 5 minutes with your eyes closed.
  2. When we have settled down with your eyes closed – Try to focus on your breath.
  3. Never get confused about your sitting position as beginners you can sit anywhere in a silent place.
  4. While sitting with your eyes closed and focusing on your breath, check how you are feeling. How does your body feel?
    Check the thoughts in your mind
    What is your mind thinking
    Is it too busy
    Is it too tired – Try to feel your brain thoughts.
  5. Keep counting your breaths “One” as you breathe in “Two” as you breathe out and so on.
  6. Return to your focus if you feel mind is wondering.
  7. The feeling of wandering mind is natural as a beginner, try to come back to your focus your breath.
  8. Feeling of frustration if your mind wanders, again and again, is perfectly OK, but try to calm down and only focus on your breath.
  9. Don’t worry about doing it correctly or not, the only thing important is “Counting your breath”.
  10. Try to do the above step for a couple of days.
  11. Feel the change in you after few weeks.
  12. Once you feel the change try to do it anywhere and even with your friends and family members. You will feel the change in you for sure.

Meditation is the best way to understand your body, your soul, and your mind. Also, keep in mind when you have successfully completed your 5 minutes practice, Try to increase 2 more minutes next time and gradually extend your time up to 20 minutes.

By this practice, you will be able to feel your mind and understand yourself better.

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