Failure a step towards success

Failure a step towards success !!!


Failure a step towards success !!! How? In this article, I am going to discuss some of the main difference between failure and success.

First let us see what is a failure, what makes it so disappointing and depressing.

Failure, as we all know, means lack of success, failure is a state of disappointment if the intended objective is not met and is always viewed as opposite of success.

But the meaning of the word may be something negative or which anyone would not like, still, failure is a key to success.

But the biggest question arises here is how can failure be a key to success !!!

We are going to discuss some more main points which will explain to you how the failure being negative words bring so much positivity to life.

First before going into deep with the discussion of failure and its objectives that make it a step towards a success. Let’s discuss in brief about success.

What is a success?

There may be different views for every individual about success but the majority of people success means earning lots of money, money and lots and lots of money. But never mind what it means to everyone else, what does success means to you is all that matters, Being rich, earning a lot of money may be the society’s base concept of success but to you, what does success means to you !!! Is all that matters.

Success to you may be:

1. Earning a lot of money
2. Having a lot of fame
3. Having lot of friends
4. Big social network
5. Popular amongst the people around
6. Achieving goals at your workplace
7. Having big house
8. Expensive car
9. Expensive and comfortable lifestyle etc, etc

Yes, you all may be absolutely correct, but having a successful life is not only about above-mentioned points but it is about having a balanced successful life.
In this blog, we are going to discuss how failure and success can help in achieving a balanced successful life.

Life is full of happy and sad moments. I in my life have never seen a single person who has never experienced any sad moment in his or her lifetime or neither have I seen a person who has never experienced a happy moment in his complete lifespan.

Now, If you have ever tried to evaluate all the life experience you have been through, you will notice that the complete experience till now was a set of moments or the set of experience in which you may have seen sadness, failure accidents, heartbreaks, disease, loss and many more negative feelings and aspects in the life. But at the same time, you may have also experienced joy, success, achievements, positive energy.

These life experiences, be it good or bad eventually create an equilibrium.

Equilibrium !!!

Equilibrium – The overall balancing of life experience is known as equilibrium, where there is joy, there will also be sorrow. This is how the Universe balance the life of an individual.

Now comes our main topic – Failure.

How does failure is considered a step towards success?

Let us suppose we have been struggling in our life to achieve our goal be it any. This goal to score good marks, the goal to lose weight, a goal to earn lots of money or goal to become famous. Everyone has their own goal to be achieved in their life. Suppose you, somehow an accident or due to any reason are not able to achieve it.

“Now What ?”

What will happen if you don’t achieve your goal?

Firstly, You will be disheartened.

The very first as it always happens to any person is they get demotivated, disheartened and even they feel like a failure.

“Ultimately a failure”

“Is it the END”

Is feeling, like a failure is the end of your life. Is feeling, like a failure is the end of your goal?
Think it again, “Goal”.

The goal was not to be a failure. But, it was to achieve something.

While in the process of achieving your goal, the first step you would ever face would be the failure.

Let me tell you, my readers “Success doesn’t come in a day”

“If being successful, would have been so easy, anybody would have done it.-Deepali Sharma”
“A Person to me is successful who actually dares to take a risk-Deepali Sharma”

There are times when you feel helpless, broken, sad just because you weren’t able to achieve. your goal, your objective, but always remember you took the risk to start, you moved forward towards the path of your dreams and your dream is to achieve the ultimate goal of your life.

Remember, success is a stepwise process and in this process you may face a step called failure, which will be demotivating but beyond this you will realise, why you actually failed and if you start over again in the process of achieving your goal you will never repeat the mistake you made which lead you to failure.

Failure may be demotivating but also it is the best teacher which teaches you the correct path towards achieving your goal of success.

Now comes the phase of equilibrium in our blog.

“How is equilibrium related to failure and success of life.”

Let us take an example.

While running a marathon a boy suddenly falls and get hurt in his knee very badly and then he not able to run again and was not able to win the marathon.

Then after a few months he recovered from his injuries and wanted to participate again but was afraid to get hurt again he started to think about the reason he got hurt and how did he fell, he looked at his running process and realised that the shoes were not good enough to run in a race like marathon. He replaced it with a new shoe.” With the new running shoes again participated in the marathon race and this time while running he realized that he was able to run more nicely and also came to know that the reason for his failure, so, this time he became the winner.

So, in this blog, we have seen how being a failure teaches the best of life’s lesson to everyone. And therefore failure is a step towards success.

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