How does Pilates help you lose weight and tone your body


Here is something that you have been looking for. The series of movements that will help in stabilizing and strengthening your body.


Before we go into details of Pilates let me tell you the basic process to do exercise and to get the perfect body you have been longing for. The basic thing to understand and do always keep in mind is that exercise are done in a specific order, one right after another . Similarly to start with pilates there are some specific series of steps which has to be followed to get the result of your workout and to get the perfect shape of your body.

Here are some 7 basic core moves discussed for beginners Pilates workout :


  1. The 100
  2. Rolling like a ball
  3. Single leg Circle
  4. Single leg Teaser
  5. Criss cross
  6. Saw
  7. Mermaid  


  1.   The 100 :  


    The pilates practice is designed to warm you. The 100 pilates pose challenges your breathing coordination. It helps in regulating your blood circulation through your body to make your body warm and prepare you for the workout.

  1.   How to do : Draw both of your legs into your chest, hold onto your legs curl your head and chest up. Move your leg to a tabletop position with your knee positioned directly above your hips and the front part of the leg parallel to floor.


  1.    Move your arms right above your abdominal area and start to pump arms in an up and down  movement taking deep breaths inhaling and exhaling 5 counts each.


3     Repeat the movement discussed in the above 2 points for 10 10 times without any break in between.


  1.     Rolling like a ball :


       Rolling like a ball is always included in Pilates exercises. This exercise stimulates the spine and also help you learn how to properly and efficiently engage the core muscles.   

  1.   How to do : Come into a seated position, knees bent, feet positioned with just your toes touching the floor.


  1.     Grasp the back of each thigh and lift your legs up and lower your head between your knees.


  1.     In this inhale and exhale practicing your balance for two breaths.


  1.     Now start rocking back and forth, first rock back, to your shoulder and then rock rock forward back up towards your toe. Repetition should be minimum 5 times.
  2.     Single leg Circle : This move is to keep your hip and thigh healthy. This also teaches you how to keep your abs engaged even while you are busy moving your legs in circular motion.


  1. How to do : Simply lay down and extend your right leg straight up and left leg bent with foot flat touching the ground.


  1.    Circle your right leg during the circular movement try to focus on keeping abdominals scooped in.


  1.    Repeat 5  – 6 times and th3en switch to the left leg repeating the movement.


  1.    Single leg Teaser : This is one of those exercises which requires coordination and balance and will help to develop core strength. This exercise is meant to be performed smoothly with control over your body.


  1. How to do : Lay on your back


  1.     Extend one leg out.


  1.     Reach your figure to your toes. Start to slowly curl your body up reaching your toe.


  1.     Roll down to your shoulder and come right back up


  1.     Repeat this movement 4 – 5 times.


  1.     Repeat same with another leg.


  1.     Criss cross : THis exercise is specially designed to help define the waist.


  1. How to do :  Lay on your back, knees pulled into chest, hands supporting your head.


  1.     Extend the right leg in front of you, left leg remains bent. Twist towards your left leg.


  1.      Switch to the other leg and repeat the movement.


  1.       Try to do the movement faster for about four full rotations.


6      Saw : Saw is the stretch which is very important for all beginners of pilates exercises. This exercise helps improve your posture and promote a more stable body with a controlled movement throughout.     


  1. How to do : Sit up spreading legs wide apart.


  1.     Stretch your right hand towards your left foot.


  1.     Roll up in the twist then untwist and return back to the centre. Repeat on the opposite side.


  1.     Repeat the movement 3 – 4 times.


  1. 7.     Mermaid :  Mermaid side stretch lengthens and opens your side body. It is the type of pilates exercise which gives needed attention onto the sides of your body.


  1. How to do : Rest on the right hip in seated position and with the legs folded to the left side.


  1.     Place your left hand around the ankles and hold the right arm straight up in air.


  1.    By keeping the abdominals engaged reach the right arm towards the ceiling and then out over the left keeping the arm stay straight and  stretch should be felt on the right side of the body.


  1.    Repeat twice.


  1.    Now spin the legs around and repeat on the opposite side.


       Pilates are in demand but it’s not the kind of workout that always works up. A sweat pilates are all about concentration and breathing. But after each exercise you will feel the difference in your muscles.


Benefits of Pilates Exercise :


  1. Pilates is whole body fitness.
  2. Pilates is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs.
  3. Pilates creates strength without bulk.
  4. Pilates increases flexibility.
  5. Pilates develops core strength
  6. Pilates Improves Posture
  7. Pilates Increase energy
  8. Pilates Promotes weight loss and long, lean appearance.
  9. Pilates Increase awareness – Body mind connection.
  10. There are many ways to lean Pilates.


      Before we start with the above mentioned exercise :


      Let’s take a quick look on the most important principle of Pilates exercise.


Here are 6 Plates principles for beginners


  1. Concentration
  2. Centering

3 Controls

4 Breathing

5 Precession

6 Flow


  • Concentration : By better concentration with your mind and body you will gain more benefits from your workouts. The exercise should be done smoothly and precisely.  
  • Centering :  While exercising the most important part to keep in mind is the focus on your muscles in this way muscles will function more efficiently.  
  • Control : Keeping control over body to get the perfect posture and the perfect movement is very important to gain the maximum benefit.
  • Breathing : Control over the breathing manner, the inhale and exhale of the breath as you perform each exercise help activate your muscles and you focused.
  • Precession : Proper posture is essential to gain the most of benefit to keep the body healthy.
  • Flow : The rhythm of movement while exercising should be smooth and should be in a flow. Pilate exercise is done in a graceful manner so as to get the most of its benefits.



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